There are more reasons why you should attend Secretarial & Administrative conference

7 & 8 DEC 2016 
Istana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 

10 tremendous reasons for you to attend this conference!

1. Get yourself a 2-day professional escapade away from the office to enhance your current knowledge and skills for further self-improvement

2. Grab the opportunities to extend your network circle with other administrative personnel and share your knowledge as well as experiences with each other

3. Explore the latest technologies available and how to utilize it in working and daily life in order to complete your tasks more effectively and efficiently

4. Be the inspirational leader and break through own barriers to bring greater contributions to your company

5. Enhancing powerful communication, negotiation and influencing skills through NLP strategies 

6. Improving your writing skills with the principles of effective business writing to build a strong reputation of your company through your professionalism 

7. Discovering Emotional Intelligence and how it influences you in strengthening your leadership skills during the implementation at work 

8. Regain the healthy balance you desire between your personal and professional lives 

9. Project confidence and credibility through the building of your Personal Branding for further career advancement 

10. Return to work feeling revitalized and confident; but most of all, find your way to become a competent and up to date administrative personnel for the betterment of your company!

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will be never know how amazing you can be” Margaret Mitchell 

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