Are Humans Multitask? We Can Help You...

Today’s office administration is very challenging with the changes in economy, working style and nature of work. Office administrator, departmental, operation and production clerk must understand their role is not only to make things happen but must also emphasis on the cost in making thing happen, beside, understand the characteristic of the people he or she dealing with in order to give the best of their service and meeting the Organisation Objectives. In achieving the task objectives, office administrator also need to know how to do multitasking by task prioritisation, practice good communication and managing interpersonal skills. To achieve targeted results, administrator & clerk must know how to managing their work and self. The course will help to develop vital habits and key administrative skills to increase productivity and efficiency. Multitasking has become the mantra of the new millennium . . . a term often accompanied by the cry, “We’ve got to do more with less.” If so, one thing is for sure . . . yesterday’s tactics won’t get the job done. This timely workshop addresses this reality head-on. During the workshop you will learn practical skills for managing multiple tasks and conflicting priorities. You will also learn tactics for coordinating multiple projects and juggling competing demands on your time and attention from multiple bosses. Specific challenges pertaining to the participants’ work environment will be discussed and a solution-convergence process will be used to identify practical suggestions for handling each situation.

This workshop is geared for anyone who has to juggle with administrative task, multiple tasks and conflicting priorities under resource-constrained conditions. This may include individual contributors, project managers, program managers, and administrative support personnel.

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