Behind any great executive is a brilliant personal assistant, but what qualities do you need to make your boss stand out?

The modern secretary has many functions and responsibilities to undertake. Secretary/ personal assistance often entails providing administrative support services across a wide clerical spectrum. With the theme “Honouring the Backbone of the Company”, the course aims to recognize the pillars of the company; of their diversified tasks, significant roles & responsibilities and dedicated time in ensuring the smooth operations of their companies. Their contributions are acknowledged and should be given credit for the effort, perseverance and professionalism. Secretaries and Personal Assistants perform a variety of administrative and clerical duties necessary to ensure the smooth running of an organisation. This two-day course will enable participants to handle their varied responsibilities in an efficient manner. It will explain the responsibilities of a secretary/PA, how to better remember better during meetings, self-enrichment and how to deal with different and difficult people.

 Learning Outcomes : 
  •      Clarify your role, prevent role conflict and excel in working with peers, multiple managers and demanding clients.
  •         Make your job more meaningful, build trust, and take charge of your growth and career plans.
  •        Brainstorm new ideas using mind maps.
  •        Organize your thoughts using thinking and planning maps.
  •        Develop an effective communication strategy with your boss and gain respect from other employees.
  •        Discover how to influence your boss.
  •         Priorities when working for more than one boss\
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