Effective Logistics Management - Comfori Public Workshop

Date: 25th Feb 2016            By: Abdul Hafiz

The aim of the course is to create an understanding for the area of logistics. Logistics as a corporate function integrates the goals of the effective management of materials; information and product flows towards, through and from an organisation. The course deals with central logistics activities, e.g. warehousing, purchasing and transportation management, as well as trade-offs between these activities.

  • Develop an understanding for intermediate level of logistical questions, activities, functions, and possible trade-offs
  • Able to analyse logistical cases and problems, apply different models, and evaluate the applicability of these models in different situations and industries
  • Develop their knowledge and skills in several different areas: - e.g. warehousing, purchasing and transportation management, and trade-offs between these activities
  • Understand and manage logistic organisation effectively
  • Understand logistics performance and provide efficient customer service

  •  Logistics Managers /Executives/Coordinators
  • Materials/Inventory Managers/Executive/Supervisors
  • Distribution Managers/Executives/Supervisors
  • Warehouse Managers/Executives/Supervisors
  • Materials Planners/Executives/Supervisors
  • Shipping/Traffic Managers/Executive/supervisors