Customer Service Series : Customer Service - Little Things Make A Big Difference

Date : 11 & 12 April 2016       By : Aishah Musa

Course Overview

Customers’ expectations differ and grow with time.  Every business organisation needs good customer service to thrive in this challenging time. Customer service is no longer an option for non-service staff but is now a necessity for every level of employees in a company. A customer service cultured workforce is a must have ability these days in order to stay competitive. Customer service focused culture should be practiced across all levels in a business in order to keep bringing customers back. All levels of employees must have basic good customer service skills in order to bring the company to the next level of success. Internal and external customers form the bulk of customers. Customer service should be extended to internal customers for the support given to the field   staff.  At the same time, they should also equip themselves with good customer service skills for maximum contribution to their company’s goals. Only good customer service will bring customers back.  Poor communication and attitude in customer service can break an organisation. Word of mouth can lead to bad reputation of a company.  It is imperative to equip  all level of employees  with  at  least  the  basic  good  customer  service skills in order to maintain a good  reputation and stay preferred.

Learning Outcomes

Ø  Equip all levels of employees with basic good customer service skills
Ø  Stay competitive in this challenging time with customer service excellence
Ø  Instil confidence in customers’ perception in order to bring them back
Ø  Build a customer service cultured workforce
Ø  Achieve company’s objectives

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction – Customer Service Fundamentals
Module 2: Customer Service Attitude – Friendly, Helpful, Listening, Fast Problem Solving
Module 3: Customer Service Skills – Deliver Results
Module 4: Customer Service Via Telephone – Etiquette and Techniques
Module 5: Face to Face – Create an Impression that Lasts
Module 6: Winning Words – Win Heart through Words
Module 7: Customers Complaints Management: Follow the Golden Rules
Module 8: Essence of Four Powerful Words in Customer Service
Module 9: Nothing is Stylish Without A ‘Smile’
Module 10: Discussion

Who Should Attend

This training is intended for people without customer service skills and also those with very little customer service training. It is also a good refresher course for those in the service line.



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