Finance March Training 2019

To join our public program that will be held on Mar 2019.
2-days training can give you a new knowledge and experience about the topics that you choose.

You might also can do for in-house training based on listing of public program as below. 

All our training program is 100% HRDF Claimable

Winning Strategies for Credit Management and Debt Recovery,
 4 & 5 Mar 2019

Module 1: Understanding of Credit Control 
Module 2: Five Ways to Avoid Late Payments 
Module 3: Tools of Debt Recovery 
Module 4: Preparation of Letters and Role Play

Budgeting & Planning, 4 & 5 Mar 2019

Module 1: Budgeting and the Management Process
Module 2: The Framework for Budgeting
Module 3: Developing the Revenue Budget
Module 4: Budgeting Costs and Expenses
Module 5: Accountability for Results
Module 6: Building the Balance Sheet
Module 7: Cash Flow
Module 8: Presentation and Evaluation

Strategic Cash Flow Management, 4 & 5 Mar 2019

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Cash Budget
Module 3: Management of Current Assets and Current Liabilities
Module 4: Cash Flow Statements
Module 5: Overview of Capital Budgeting
Module 6: Capital Budgeting Techniques

Effective Accounting for Account Supervisors,
6 & 7 Mar 2019

Module 1: Interpretation of Accounts for Management
Module 2: Accounting for Leasing
Module 3: Cash flow Projection in Industry/Commerce
Module 4: Budgeting in Industry/Commerce
Module 5: Accounting for Hire Purchase
Module 6: Calculating Working Capital Requirements

Accounts Payable: From Accounting to Management,
11 & 12 Mar 2019 

Module 1: The Important Role of Accounts Payable (AP)
Module 2: Accounting Essentials for Accounts Payable
Module 3: Accounts Payable Processes and Best Practices
Module 4: Key Topics in Accounts Payable Management
Module 5: The Behavioural Side of Managing Accounts Payable Department

Malaysia Sales & Services Tax (SST)-Implementation Stage,
18 & 19 Mar 2019

Module 1: Sales Tax
Module 2: Service tax
Module 3: Registration
Module 4: Administrative Matters
Module 5: Anti-Profiteering Regulations

Finance for Non-Finance Professionals *SBL-Khas,
25 & 26 Mar 2019

Module 1: An Introduction to Business Finance and Financial Accounting
Module 2: The Importance of Cash – The Cash Cycle
Module 3: The Operating or Income Statement
Module 4: Understanding Balance Sheets
Module 5: Management Ratios
Module 6 The Importance of the Cash Flow Statement
Module 7: Capital Budgeting and Project Appraisal
Module 8: Intellectual Capital

Understanding Costing Techniques & Pricing Decisions, 

25 & 26 Mar 2019

Module 1: Role of management and function
Module 2: Absorption costing
Module 3: Activity based costing (ABC)
Module 4: Marginal costing
Module 5: Other costing techniques (Job, Batch, Contract, Service, Process costing)
Module 6: Forecasting & Budgetary process
Module 7: Standard costing Module 8: Pricing (importance, factors affecting pricing)

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