How to be a TRAINER certified by HRDF?

1.    Why should I get certified? What are the benefits?
  •      Having a certificate of any kind shows  that you have the knowledge and practical experience to make a difference in your work environment and meet the demands of the future. 
  •      Certification gives you credibility and you can leverage on your certification to differentiate yourself from other trainers. 
  •      The process of obtaining your certification is an opportunity for you to learn and to hone your training skills.
  •      The  PSMB TTT certification is required for trainers who want to conduct training programmes that are claimable under the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF). 

2.    How can I choose the right certification for me?
  •      When  considering a certification, the three major factors are time, cost, and quality. We recommend that you share with us your situation so that we will be able to help you to select the appropriate certification according to your needs. 

3.    How long does the certification process take? Is it time-consuming?
  •      The PSMB Train The Trainer (TTT) involves 5 days of face-to-face training. All assessment work is completed during the 5 days. 
  •      For in-house sessions, both certifications may be structured to fit the schedules of the participants (e.g. 2 + 3 days for PSMB TTT). 

4.  I usually conduct my training sessions in Bahasa Malaysia as that is the language that is most suited to my trainees. For my assessment, may I use Bahasa Malaysia to deliver my training session and to submit my written work?
  •      Yes, you may. Our assessors are bi-lingual and able to assess work submitted in the English Language or Bahasa Malaysia.  

5.  What happens if I do not submit my assessment? What if the assessment that I have submitted is not good enough?
  •      Certificates will not be issued if the required assessments are not submitted.   
  •      Certificates will only be issued if the assessments meet the requirements. The good news is you will be given the opportunity to re-submit at no extra cost.  

6.    How much time do I have to submit my assessment?
  •       For the PSMB TTT, all assessments are to be completed during the 5 days.  

7.    I am a technical specialist. Are these Train the Trainer certifications for me?
  •      Yes. You are the content expert. As training experts, we will train you through the certification programme that you have selected to develop your knowledge and skills in the areas of designing training programmes, delivering the training and assessing the trainees.

8.    I specialise in soft skills. Are these Train the Trainer certifications for me?
  •      Yes. You are the content expert. As training experts, we will train you through the certification programme that you have selected to develop your knowledge and skills in the areas of designing training programmes, delivering the training and assessing the trainees. 

9.    What if I have no prior experience in training?
  •      You do not need to have prior experience. These certification programmes are open to both new and experienced trainers. Our trainers for these certification programmes will provide you with the appropriate balance of support and challenge according to your level of experience.  

10. What if I don’t have an area of specialty? 
  •      No worries. Through the certification programme, you will be developing your knowledge and skills in the areas of designing training programmes, delivering the training and assessing the trainees. You will be able to complete your assessments even if you do not yet have an area of specialty. In due time, you will probably know which area of your expert knowledge and skills you want to capitalise on. 

11. Who issues the certificates?
  •      For the PSMB TTT, PSMB will issue the ‘Certification in Training’ based the assessment report submitted by us.   

12. How is the quality of the certifications assured?
  •      Our trainers are constantly reviewing and improving on our training techniques. We are always thinking: How can we help our participants to learn better and faster?  
  •      For the PSMB TTT, each of our trainers for this programme has been approved by PSMB to conduct the PSMB TTT and to assess the participants.

13. What if I sign up only for ‘Competency Based Trainer’ or ‘Competency Based Learning Designer & Assessor’?
  •      If you choose to attend only the Competency Based Trainer or Competency Based Learning Designer & Assessor as well as submit the respective post-session assessments, you will receive a STATEMENT OF ATTAINMENT (for the relevant units of competency). 

14. Do I have to attend the 2 sessions (Competency Based Trainer + Competency Based Learning Designer & Assessor) in any particular order?
  •      No. You may attend the sessions in the order that suits you (it could based on the timing of the sessions, it could be based on the area that you would like to be trained on first e.g. training delivery) 

15. How soon after the 1st session do I need to attend the 2nd session? Do I have to attend the 2nd session immediately after my 1st session?
  •      You do not have to attend the 2nd session immediately after the 1st session, although it is ideal. However, we do suggest that you plan to attend the next session within 1-3 months of the first session. This is so that you continue to maintain your momentum in completing the certification. 

16.    How does the exemption from PSMB TTT work?
  •      The guidelines for PSMB TTT exemption application could be found at PSMB's website.

 17. How much is the investment for each certification?
  •      The investment for PSMB TTT is RM2,300 per pax (public sessions organised by PSMB) 
  •      For in-house sessions, please contact us at 03-5621 3630 for a quote. 

 18. Are the certification programmes HRDF (Human Resource Development Fund)
  •      Yes. You can apply to claim HRDF for PSMB TTT is claimable under the SMETAP scheme. We will provide the necessary details for your application. 

 19. I am interested to register – how do I do it?   
  •      For PSMB TTT, contact us at 03-5621 3630 or submit your details below and we will inform you of the dates, location, fee and registration process.
  •      If your organisation is interested in an in-house session of PSMB TTT, please contact us at 03-5621 3630 or leave your contact details and your enquiry below. 

  20. How do I make the payment?
  •      The fee for PSMB TTT will be debited from the account of HRDF contributors. Non-HRDF contributors could make the payment by cheque.
  •      Full payment is required at least eight working days before the commencement of the session to ensure registration. The payment is non-refundable but transferable to another participant or to the next session. 



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