Say It English With Confidence (Level 1)

The good news is that this problem can be solved quickly. This is because the problem is
often not poor English. The problem is poor confidence in English. Poor confidence causes
already possesses.
In this workshop, staff will learn techniques to listen calmly and speak English in an
organised, professional manner.
With formulas for constructive conversations and exciting new
confidence, your staff will be amazed by how well they can speak English.
After the workshop, they will seek out opportunities to communicate
clearly and effectively with customers, colleagues and even bosses.

Testimonial Workshop

"I'm really appreciated and feel so great when I attend this course and I feel much better than before. I have more confident
to speak in English with anyone. Thanks a lot for wonderful woman Ms. Marianna for her great presentation. I'm really
Junaidah Rosli - UniKL - British Malaysian Institute.

"This workshop makes me confident to use English as my language when communicate with people around me. Thank You."
Mohammad Faris Bin Abd Rahim - Weststar Aviation Serviced Sdn. Bhd

"Ms. Pascal's training session was incredible. I've had other training in language teaching, but this had the best
balance between theory and practice I've ever seen."
Dinah Armstead – Faculty of English Language, University of Illinois, USA

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