Lean Manufacturing is Important for Operations!

Lean Manufacturing is Important for Operations!

Lean manufacturing is a production practice that considers the expenditure of resources for any goal other than the creation of value for the end customer to be wasteful. Value is any action or process that produces the product or services that customer is willing to pay for. The core idea is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste.

What is the power of Lean Manufacturing?

Improved quality – A lot of the activity in a lean environment is geared towards improving quality. As quality issues arise, problem solving techniques are used to root cause the problem. From there, mistake proofing is put in place to strengthen the process and prevent recurrence. As a result, the quality of your product will be improved.
Increased efficiency – Line balancing will ensure each person in the process is working in the most efficient manner. Standardized work will ensure they are doing it correctly following the same method every time. This leads to repeatability and increased efficiencies.
Manpower reductions – One of the major benefits of lean is getting more done with less people. With standardized work and increased efficiencies, the ability to do the job with less people becomes a very real possibility. This does not mean you have to send these people to the unemployment line. The concept of lean would have these freed-up people utilized to perform further kaizen activity, training to enhance skill level, or maintenance of the system once it is implemented.

Hence, Comfori would like to invite all of you to attend our HRDF Claimable COMFIRMED course as below:

Course Title : Lean Manufacturing
Date : 19 & 20 December 2016
Venue : Armada Hotel, Petaling Jaya


  • Identify the history development of Lean.
  • Distinguish the characteristics from old management.
  • Recognize the eight major of wastes in an organisations.
  • Recognise the activities of (Rapid Improvements Events (RIE) (Kaizen) and its team.
  • Recognise process flow improvements with pull system methodology.
  • Mapping method and in identifying value creations elements and improvements in the process.
  • To request brochure kindly email: hidayah.o@comfori.com
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