Digital Leaders in place?

With the economy clearly changing on a daily basis and services now being available via an app, you might expect that companies are fully reshaping the internal processes to create the new type leaders. The fact of the matter is that most organisations haven’t moved rapidly enough to cultivate leaders who fit the bill. According to the Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends survey, only 5% of companies believe they have strong digital leaders in place. In a sign of positive change, 72% of survey respondents are developing or starting to develop new leadership programs focused on digital management.

“Today, only 5 percent of companies believe they have strong digital leaders in place.”

Fostering digital leaders is important for any business, but it is particularly critical for organizations undergoing business and IT transformation. In the current digital economy, this includes any company! It’s time for organisations across different sectors to start to inspire and rewire company cultures and talent across the organization to establish new ways of thinking, collaborating, and connecting.

Developing Digital Leaders

To identify and support these types of leaders, Chief Innovation Officers and their C-level counterparts can work together to:
  • Rethink the organization’s leadership model, with a focus on innovation, growth, inclusion, and collaboration.
  • Identify potential digital leaders in the organization: venture capitalist, innovator, transformer and enabler and train them.
  • Ensure accountability by identifying the person or group responsible to the C-suite and board for building leaders as part of the business strategy.
  • Promote younger people into leadership more quickly, giving them opportunities to learn on the job.
  • Cultivate risk taking and experimenting by focusing on new products and service innovations. Experimenting should be built in the DNA of the company.

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