You can be a better leader. How? By putting your natural strengths to work.

Not every employee is the same. They have different personality styles, motivations, and interests. As a result, you can’t treat them all the same and expect the same—and great—results. Indeed, today’s workforce is more diverse than ever—in so many ways.

5 Ways to Achieve Leadership Excellence by Being Proactive in your Decision Making

1. Customer Satisfaction
Focusing on the aspect of ensuring customer satisfaction should be your holy grail. While you need to keep an eye on your competitor’s strategies, the performance of your product in the market, and your annual sales, it all boils down to satisfying your core clientele and attracting new segments in the target market so that your sales figures soar high. You must be obsessive, downright fanatical, when it comes to customer focus. Let me shed some light on how this aspect can help a business in more ways than you can count.

2. Resist Proxies
Management of companies tend to look for shortcuts as their business grows. This leads them to manage proxies, the most common among them being process as a proxy. With a good process, you can serve your customers well. But a slight lack of concentration can lead to an adverse situation. It happens when the process becomes the proxy for the result that you want. You stop looking at the outcomes and simply concentrate on the process, which may lead to your employees blaming the process for their failures and shortcomings.

3. Embrace External Trends
Companies and businesses fail when they stick to what makes them the best, instead of keeping a look out for the latest trends shaping the business and tech world. 

You can take many examples from the past decade where many new technologies sought to replace the old ones. The robots are taking over several jobs which were once considered reserved for the human wit only. The use of drones in postal services, for example, is likely to replace the need for a human in a not-so-distant future. So if you lag behind in embracing a new technology, your competitors will take over the market share in a matter of weeks.

4. Exceptional Decision Making
Decision making needs to be precise, exceptional and on the spot. But recognizing a technology or process as the ultimate one and making a wrong prediction about it, instead of keeping an open mind until you see how things will play out with time, can not only ruin your business but also put others in jeopardy. 

5. Disagree on what is wrong and Stay true to your Commitments
Instead of being a door mat, learn to voice your objection when something seems awry. To become a business leader par-excellence, don’t get carried away by what your right-man is telling you. Don’t ever try to venture a risk in a scenario where your gut instinct is telling you otherwise. Learn to say no politely, especially to your customers who may become angry or hostile towards you. It can certainly affect your business but you will save precious time and efforts by not doing something which is of no value.

Achieving organizational excellence is not an impossible task for a business owner. He should simply be aware of what needs to be done and how, and act proactively before any calamity strikes. 

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