We start our year 2020 with team building and annual dinner; to celebrate our success in 2019. 

Date: 11th Jan 2020
Venue: Palm Garden Hotel Putrajaya

Our team building is for 1 day only; including annual dinner with a theme 70s. We start our event at 8.30 am until 5.00 pm for team building then continue with annual dinner start at 8.00 pm until 10.00 pm. Breakfast, morning break, lunch and evening break was provided by hotel; including dinner. So many foods and we are enjoyed to ate them all. 

This event we called as Alpha Team Building Program with title "Genesis Synergy". The objective of this event is to make us as Comforian to be in ONE; one for ALL. 
Registration time and breakfast

Our mascot...represent based on colors:

Ice Breaking session

Activity 1: Beat to Win

 Activity 2: Team Formation

 Activity 3: Railway

Activity 4: Attacker & Defender

 Activity 5: Formula ONE

Activity 6: Balloon Fighters

 Activity 7: IOI Explorace - 9 checkpoints

Activity 8: Annual dinner 
*lucky draw for all staff
*best dress awards
*best support teams awards
*top performer - cheque and trip
*department achievement - trip
*video montaj

Thanks to those who involved in this event especially to our boss, Mr. Lawrence that give this opportunity and rewards us based on our achievement in 2019. 
Will do the best for 2020.....

This event is totally organized by our own team; interested to conduct team building, do contact us at 03-5621 3630.
We have more package for team building; match with your budget.

Please email to
For package flyers, please >click here<



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