Green Technology Conference 2018

Green Technology Conference 2018
14th - 15th May 2018 @ Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
“Redefining & upping the Green Tech game for a net zero building operation and all-encompassing sustainability”

This year, the Conference will be addressing significant points such as:
  • Green Buildings in Low Carbon Cities: The Road Ahead
  • Considering the energy options at concept stage
  • Green Technology Financing Scheme (GTFS) – Bridging financing gaps for green technology-based projects toward the growth and development of the green technology industry
  • A Journey in Sustainable Energy Efficiency Management – Case Studies Securing and ensuring water sustainability
  • Green and Sustainable Construction by JKR Malaysia
  • Encouraging investments in green technology industries and adoption of green technology through Tax Incentives
  • The Productivity Paradox in Green Buildings: Adaptive thermal comfort
  • HVAC and Lighting Efficiency in Commercial Buildings: How to calculate HVAC energy savings from lighting
  • Melaka City – Pioneering sustainable and green city project in becoming a Green Technology state by 2020
  • Pyrolysis: An Alternative Technology for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Management
  • Panel Discussion: A modest proposal – Bypassing architectural gimmickry and investing in sustainable site planning & management around buildings
  • Panel Discussion: The Future of Solar Energy and Battery Energy Storage for Grid Support Applications in Malaysia

Features & Benefits : 
  • The road ahead toward green buildings in low carbon cities in Malaysia
  • Green money for green ventures – Green Technology Financing Scheme (GTFS)
  • Case studies on sustainable energy efficiency management, green and sustainable construction, and green city
  • Tax incentive for green industry
  • The substantial connection between thermal comfort and productivity in Green Buildings
  • HVAC and lighting efficiency in commercial buildings
  • Water technology and management 
  • Alternative technology for municipal solid waste (MSW) management
  • The future of solar energy and battery energy storage for grid support

Who will you meet?
This conference is specifically tailor made for top decision makers, MDs, C-Suites Executives, VPs, GMs, HODs, City Mayors and City Government Officials of the following departments ; 
  • Building and Infrastructure Technologies 
  • Building and Property Management 
  • Asset and Facilities Management 
  • City, Town and Country Planning 
  • Energy Management 
  • Engineering – Civil, Mechanical and Electrical 
  • Environmental and Energy Conservation and Strategy 
  • Land and Administration
  • Project Management 
  • State Authorities 
  • Statutory Planning
  • Sustainability Development 
  • Urban Design and Architecture 
  • Urban Infrastructure Planning and Development

  • Architect and design 
  • City Planning Municipalities / Councils
  • Construction and Property Development 
  • Public Work 
  • Urban Wellbeing and Housing 

For more info on brochure and registration form, please contact 
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