Core Principles of Effective Production that you should know

Production Management refers to the application of management principles to the production function in a factory. In other words, production management involves application of planning, organizing, directing and controlling the production process to maximize the shareholders values by optimizing customer’s satisfaction.

The most effective production management focuses on developing people, process and ultimately driving better profitability for the company. It is supported by eliminating or minimizing non-value added activities to customer and business from work processes requires a shift in mindset, equipped with specific principles-methodology by using problem solving toolkits in improving companies’ operations and profitability. 

This course program is designed to prepare participant for adopting 3 Core Principles of Effective Production Management at its workplace and to increase its employee skillset & competency.  

Participant should be able to acquire the required knowledge and skill to establish and implement 3 Core Principles of Effective Production Management at workplace as the learning element. 
  • Managers or sales participant will be guided to the knowledge of how to apply the guiding principles of effective production management at each individual respective area of duty and responsibility.
  • They will be taught how to gain knowledge and be able to use it as a refine form of mindset when dealing with operational management problem and require problem solving.
  • Participant will be exposed with the necessary steps required to support the tactics implementation successfully. 
  • Participant will be guided to production management competency required to implement problem solving tool effectively and the right training & coaching need analysis to step the skill up to the standard.
Training methodology
  • Participant will be exposed to the benefit of production management skills that will prepare the team to establish effective and efficient activities at work place
  • All learning elements will be carefully planned so participant will get the opportunity to perform the thought techniques in class through role plays, games, video takeaway, group discussion, and case studies that relates to each individual working experience, knowledge, skill level
  • All participant will be divided into smaller groups i.e. 3~5 participant per group. Each learning module will be supported by activities i.e. images, demo, example, stories, current issues discussion that relates to the knowledge transfer.
  • At the end of each session, trainer will review the participant understanding through review, Q&A and summarize the session together with participant.

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7&8 May
Essential Behavior Management Skills
9&10 May
Achieving Leadership Excellence & Stress Handling
23&24 May
Beyond TNA & Succession Planning
23&24 May
The Assertive Supervisory & Leadership Competency
14&15 May
Principles of Effective Production Management
14&15 May
Line Leaders in Action – A Program for First-Time Leaders
4&5 Jun
The Art of Managing Different Generations
4&5 Jun
Attitude for Altitude: Leading Beyond Formal Authority
4&5 Jun

Best Time Management Strategies Training
20&21 Jun
Sailing the Seas of Change: A Practical Guide for the Modern Workplace
25&26 Jun
Conflict Resolution: Getting Along in the Workplace
27&28 Jun



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