Secrets of Super Managers

Why are some managers more successful than others?

Well, it's because they do things differently than people who are less successful.
We would like to share 06 strategies that super managers do that we should follow to accelerate our professional improvement and success.

01. Don't lose FOCUS - Keep your eye on the ball:
Don't allow yourself to lose focus when facing obstacles in your professional career, prepare yourself to face challenges as great opportunities to learn and to improve.

02. Avoid the YES and learn how to say NO:
It is important to learn how to say NO when dealing with risky situations and other occasions that can put your career or job in risk. Make a list of the things that are most important to you and then delegate the things that can and should be done by someone else and you'll open up time for new opportunities.

03. Be AWARE of your daily actions and keep yourself ready:
We must prepare a list of our daily activities according to our career and job planning. Such approach will allows to keep ourselves organized and prepared for changes and decisions.

04. Be open to CRITICISM:
There is a lot to learn from criticism but we should avoid getting upset with negative and hateful comments. It helps us to get a new perspective about our professional performance.

05. Trust your INTUITION:
Our instincts can give us an interesting approach to any situation that why is never wise to ignore them. If the situation is saying YES but our mind is saying NO, we need to pay a close attention to it!

06. Take RISKS:
Taking risks is part of any successful outcome, that is why we should take them under specific rules. Remember that great success isn’t achieved by playing it safe! 



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