In-House Train The Trainer under SMETAP Scheme


The Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Training Partner Scheme is organised by PSMB in collaboration with training provider to offer training program especially to registered employer. Training programme offered under SMETAP included functional and upskilling. The course fee will be debited from employers’ levy balances.
The objective of SMETAP Scheme is to equip SME employees with the specialised skills in the following scope:
  • Specialised training programmes that are not widely available in the market.
  • Training programmes in Human Resources Management.
  • Training programmes that enhance the skills of internal trainers in conducting in-house training
  • Upskilling training programmes.
Under SMETAP Scheme, training provider is also allowed to conduct inhouse training for registered employers.

Who Can Apply?

The SMETAP Scheme is focus to Small and Medium Enterprises and all registered employers, however it is also available for individual and non-registered company to participate.

How To Apply?

  1. PSMB will circulate training brochures to registered employers from time to time.
  2. Registration form PSMB/STP/1/07 for enrolling the programme must be submitted to PSMB by email or faxs at least one (1) weeks before commencement of the programme.

How To Claim (Employer)?

  1. Claims via online form will be made available at the training venues and employers are required to complete and submit the form to PSMB upon the completion of the course.
  2. Login to HRDF Portal and launch eTRiS.
  3. Click on 'Application' icon
  4. Select from menu, click on 'Claim'.
  5. Choose either you want to 'Submit Claims with Grants' or 'Submit Other Claims'.
  6. Please fill in the online form together with the supporting document, then click on 'Submit' button.
  7. Click here to start claim.
Public Programme--
  • > 70KM - RM400 per day per trainee (include hotel accommodation);
  • < 70KM - RM150 per day per trainee.
  • Airfare for out-station participants, if applicable.
In-house Program
  • Meal Allowance for trainee(s) = max RM20per pax/per day
  • Consumable Training Materials (if total amount is ≤RM100, itemisation of material are not required)
  • Rental of Training Place (including meals for trainee(s) subject to the rate of daily allowance)
  • Consumable Training Materials (if total amount is ≤RM100, itemisation of material are not required)
  • Hotel Rental Package (including meals) for trainee(s)
  • Consumable Training Materials (if total amount is ≤RM100, itemisation of material are not required)
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