Reduces the Time & Efforts Spent on Closing & Reporting Activities

Simplify and Streamline Your Month-End Closing Process
With the number of tasks that come with closing out each month successfully, it’s no wonder many nonprofit organizations struggle with the process. Some teams find the month-end close process overwhelmingly time-consuming, while others overlook key steps or run into obstacles.
There are many benefits to having a thorough and streamlined month-end close process. This:

  • Saves your team time and effort
  • Reduces the opportunity for omissions and errors, resulting in more accurate reporting
  • Provides your team and your board with an accurate and timely view of the organization’s health each month, so you can quickly spot and address any issues or challenges
  • Makes your organization audit-ready at the end of each month, reducing the time and effort spent preparing for a financial statement audit at the end of your fiscal year

In order to be effective in Fast Closing & year end accounts, you need to have the financial
management skills to problem solving. This course will help to provide you with an
environment that stimulates proactive behavior in order to achieve greater goals for yourself and your organization.

By the end of this course you will be able to:-
Module 1: Why not Fast Closing Monthly & Year-End Accounts?
Module 2: Critical Roles Of The Finance Function
Module 3: The Trojan Horse of Finance Function
Module 4: Redefining The Close Cycle & Redesign Finance Function
Module 5: Improving the Finance Process
Module 6: Implementing Process Improvement Project
Module 7: Application of Enhancing Operating Cycle
Module 8: Redefining The Role For  Finance Managers



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