What does writing clearly and concisely mean?

Get to the point!
Writing effective email, letters, reports and proposals

Having the best information available isn't enough–you must also apply it correctly and present it accurately. Engineers tend to feel comfortable with the technical content of their documents; consequently, they proofread that material less diligently and overlook errors.

Write Clearly and Concisely
Do you often have to verbally explain something you’ve written? You may not be writing clearly and concisely enough. Use this growing knowledge resource to learn how.

What does writing clearly and concisely mean?
Writing clearly and concisely means choosing your words deliberately, constructing your sentences carefully, and using grammar properly. By writing clearly and concisely, you will get straight to your point in a way your audience can easily comprehend.

Why should I write clearly and concisely?
In order to succeed in your communication task, you need to keep your audience’s attention. Writing clearly and concisely is one way to capture and retain their interest. Rambling on, conversely, may lose your audience’s attention.

How do I write clearly and concisely?

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