Sailing The Seas Of Change: A Practical Guide For The Modern Workplace

In today’s business environment, change is a constant. Whether change is initiated by the environment, the society, the company or the individual, it is unavoidable. The question is how do we quickly adapt to change? 

Change that occurs at work not only influences staff at work but also in their personal lives. Since many people are reliant on their jobs for a living, their careers have a tremendous impact on all aspects of their lives. 

To adapt more easily to uncertain changes they face, employees need to learn to be able to handle their perspectives, their emotions and be clear on what useful actions they can take to ride the changes positively. 

It’s not enough to be able to adapt to changes, you also need to help those around you. This is especially crucial if you work in a team or when you supervise or manage people. You also need to be a positive Change Agent for others. Fortunately there are skills you can learn to be a positive Change Agent to others. 

This two-day workshop is practical and activity based. It provides the necessary knowledge and practical skills participants can immediately apply on a daily basis in their efforts to adapt to changes at their workplace as well as help others do so. 

Appreciate why change is a good thing for today’s businesses
Understand the typical issues that employees contend with in the face of constant change
Learn basic adaptation skills you can use at the workplace as well as outside the workplace
Use emotion management principles and techniques to more easily deal with change
Learn how to be a positive Change Agent for those around you
Use leadership principles to help others adapt to change even if you don’t have formal authority

The program is designed for teams from non-executive levels to the management level. It is especially suited for employees who face constant changes in their business environment and want to better cope and thrive in it.

The approach is highly participative and is geared towards your own situation so that you derive maximum benefit. This program utilizes various learning methods such VAK approach, 4Mat method, Videos, minimal lecture, extensive discussions, case studies and role plays to ensure effective long term learning among participants. 

Topics to be covered under this training:-
Module 1: Introduction To Change Adaptation
Module 2: Basics of Change Management
Module 3: The Art Of Sailing In Choppy Waters
Module 4: Emotional Management Toolbox For Change Adapters
Module 5: How You Can Be A Positive Change Agent
Module 6: The language of positive Change Agents
Module 7: Leading A Team Through Changes

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