Scada & Automation - Upcoming Session

What is SCADA?
SCADA is a productivity tool to help owners better manage their processes and improve operational and management efficiency.

SCADA or Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition Systems are being widely deployed in a wide range of industries such as Manufacturing Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Processing Industries, Power Substations, Integrated City Management Systems, Advanced Traffic Management Systems and Integrated Rail and Transport Systems.

We live in an era where SCADA generates a lot of excitement- the idea of monitoring, controlling and managing entire operations of a large plant or system from the desktop, by merely looking at graphical pictures of the operations is like playing your favourite video game. After the initial excitement, comes the boredom of looking at the same graphics day-after-day. Then the red dots start flashing on the screen... Soon many more red dots appear. For the engineer this becomes a nightmare as they rush to fix the red dots. For the asset owner, suddenly nobody is working on improving the plant processes- Everyone is too busy fixing the SCADA. This is unfortunately is a real-life scenario in a lot of SCADA installations in Malaysia.

At the end of this two-day programme, participants will have a good understanding of the following:
  • How SCADA systems operate
  • Read and understand SCADA specifications
  • How to manage and maintain SCADA
  • systems
  • How to scope and cost SCADA systems

Who Should Attend
The program will be highly suited for technical professionals; people who operate SCADA systems and people who are thinking of deploying SCADA systems.
  • Process Engineers & Managers, Hardware & Instrument Specialists.
  • Operations and Maintenance Managers, Engineers and Technicians.
  • SCADA Operators with a technical background.
  • Hardware and Instrument Specialists.
  • Project Managers

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Hello July, Our July Programme
JULY 2017
Understanding Pumps, Fans And Compressors
4 & 5
SCADA & Automation System
5 & 6
Overview of Main Switch Board  and Fault Restoration
5 & 6
Building Automation System
5 & 6
Senggaraan Berkesan untuk Sistem Penyejukan dan Penyamanan Udara
10 & 11
Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers
12 & 13
Power System Protection
12 & 13
Electrical Safety  *SBL-Khas
12 & 13
Fundamental of Fire Engineering & Risk Management
17 &18
Fibre Optics Fundamentals & Hands ON
19 & 20
Keselamatan Dalam Bangunan Komersial
24 & 25
Kursus Penyelia Teknikal
24 & 25
Electrical Power Distribution
26 & 27
Air-Conditioning for Non Air-Conditioning Engineers
26 & 27
Planned Maintenance - Drive Toward zero unplanned equipment failures
26 & 27
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
26 & 27



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