Conference in Aug 2017 - Building Maintenance Conference

Building Maintenance Conference 2017
“Boosting Efficiency with Emerging Strategies and Technologies”
23rd & 24th August 2017 @ Kuala Lumpur

This conference is specifically tailor made for top-level decision makers such as CEOs, COOs, HODs, VPs, Directors, GMs and Senior Managers including Local Government Agencies and Authorities of the following departments:
  • Facilities
  • Assets
  • Maintenance
  • Operations
  • Engineering
  • Properties management
  • Consultants
  • Civil

The Building Maintenance Conference 2017 will provide knowledge and skills to establish a maintenance management framework as a precursor to efficient and cost effective work planning and execution, as well as explore fascinating trends that revolutionize the Building Maintenance industry. It covers significant aspects such as:

  • The Maintenance Link between Facility Condition and Productivity BIM, Flow of Information, and the Maintenance Manager's Role Application of Energy Recovery
  • Strategies to Large HVAC Systems with High-Percentage Outside Air
  • Case Study of Maintenance Management Systems in Malaysian Complex and High-rise IBS Buildings
  • Understanding Tax Implications on Building Maintenance
  • Facilities Managers’ Role to Promote Employee Engagement and Productivity
  • Drones in Facilities Management
  • Reliability vs. Innovation: Introducing Emerging Technologies

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