" Building should serve people, not the other way around" - John Portman

Background of the Program

Facilities are ever more complex O&M costs are increasing, the aging building inventory presents new challenges, advances in sustainability technology must be factored into the equation, identifying equipment that is critical to the facility's mission is essential to maintain continuity of operations, and understanding and responding to external influences can be crucial to success. These factors, among others, will require facility managers to be progressive thinkers and be able to employ the latest Facilities Management (FM) solution, emerging technologies and best practices necessary to operate and maintain facilities at the level of quality demanded of high-performance buildings. 

Apart from that, cost-savings remain being the watchword for business operations, as competitive economic environment has put pressure on business professionals to find savings wherever possible. It goes the same to commercial, industrial and other kinds of property owners and managers who are also seeking cost-effective maintenance operation and services. 

The Building Maintenance Conference 2016 will provide a platform for Building Maintenance/Facility Management professionals from diverse building sectors to discuss and share insight on the current issues affecting the industry and set up innovative strategies that can be adopted for effective management and best practices. It will also feature a wide range of educational and engaging sessions that will reveal dominant trends and stimulate the exchange of ideas. 

Key Issues to be addressed at this conference
The Building Maintenance Conference 2016 returns in its 6th edition to showcase the latest insights, case studies and scenarios as well as explore the strategic value of Facilities Management and its impact on business and the working environment by emphasizing on central issues as listed below:
  • Important issues facing FMs today and in the future
  • Surviving in the cruel war of cost cutting: How to expand your breadth of influence
  • Embarking on more effective maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Practical lessons learned from implementing variable refrigerant floe (VRF) systems
  • Exterior and interior retrofits that can attract tenants and green your facility
  • How to develop a business case and road map to building intelligence
  • How to LEDs and advanced lighting controls can get office lighting to net zero energy
  • What is commissioning and why is it critical?
  • Building maintenance perspective in health and safety aspects
  • Revolutionizing FM services through Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Management insight on FM managers role to lead, guide and direct.  

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