Innovation in Finance with Technology - First Finance Symposium 2016 by Comfori Sdn Bhd

Who Should Attend

Finance Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Accountants, Assistant Accountants, Accounting & Finance Executives, Accounts Assistant, Accounts/Finance clerk, Entrepreneur and all financial personnel dealing with journal entries


Fintech (Financial Technology)

The financial technology market is characterized by a rapid emergence of disruptive technologies and new business models across the payments value chain. This session will elaborate on the state of this ever-changing technology landscape and discuss key trends and impacts on industry. It will dive further into the innovations and trends specifically in the Malaysia market while leveraging the FinTech Ecosystem in current global practice.

E-commerce – Accounting solution

Learn how the latest trends and technologies are changing the electronic commerce landscape. Global e-Commerce continues to grow at a double-digit pace. Online and multichannel retailers have access to a wealth of information. Companies are using this data to better understand customer habits and needs, identify markets and personalise messaging. With focus to explore the continued evolution of e-commerce with discussed on the challenge and opportunities with using data-driven marketing and  how it could impact the way businesses run their supply chains, and the values that they could create.

Zero Error Accounting

Like other professionals, bookkeepers and accountants can make mistakes.  The difference is that these mistakes might direct you and your company to make the wrong business decisions and have headed account personal in the wrong direction. Get to know on the trick and tips on detecting the mistakes and using the right method with some helpful tips to minimize and eliminating the error.

Future Accounting Issues (Financial Sustainability)

Commitment to sustainability has survived through the financial crisis, and has become a core commitment within many organisations.  It is still however perceived by many as offering only a ‘brand halo’. In sharing knowledge of the challenges of delivering and living the sustainability with focus on how to overcome and the important messages emerging around sustainable finance.



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