Is it true Finance and HR can collaborate together?

It is important for HR personnel have a basic of finance and accounting knowledge. By having that knowledge, it can help HR to understand resource utilization issues and design potential business solutions and opportunities. Enhance knowledge on budgets, financial statements, P&L and productivity metrics can leads to the HR success where it defines the health of an organization. 

What is a relationship between accounting and human resource? Human resource accounting means to record, report and analyze human resource related figures through the accounting system. The result can be use for planning and decision making purpose. 

Why should implement accounting in HR? 
1) HR is the important asset in corporation to extract value
2) To avoid lack information about effectiveness and efficiency of human resource investment

Finance for Human Resource Personnels – a program designed for non financials HR practitioners managers, executives and clerks . In today’s uncertain economy, when every manager & executive especially in Human Resource function is being held accountable for the financial impact HR decisions are made, you have to be “finance-savvy.” You’ve got to know how to justify a request…quantify your contributions to the company…spot profit drains immediately. Because no matter how effective your management style or how innovative your ideas, your performance will be measured in ringgits and cents!

This workshop helps HR practitioners get rid the fear of finance, be ‘finance-savvy’, and look
at other aspect of finance in HR context.



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