How to overcome the issues & challenges after implement GST

Date: 22th Jan 2016                    By: Norasikin Jazlan 

On 25 October 2013, our Prime Minister announced the much-anticipated GST implementation at the rate 6% with effect from 1 April 2015 to replace the existing sales and service tax. The GST implementation will bring major changes in business functions. With only a few months to go, businesses should take immediate steps to assess the impact of GST and to be ready for the GST implementation. We are heading closer to the implementation date and the actual accounting, operational and control aspects of GST need to be understood in order to ensure there is proper business continuity and no financial losses. Businesses need to critically analyses their business structure and develop plans to ensure that they account, report and lodge their GST returns in a timely and accurate manner.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Understand GST Accounting - Basic functionalities required by Customs
  • Application of Tax Invoice & Credit Note
  • Understand GST reports & forms & GST audit
  • Preparing for GST in the accounting system
  • Understand GST teratment for sales 
  • Treatment of Customer Credit Note
  • Treatment of Advanced Payment / Sales Deposit Received
  • Treatment of Sales Bad Debt Relief
  • Understand GST Treatment for Purchase
  • Treatment of Purchases from Non registered supplier
  • Treatment of Blocked Input Tax
  • GST treatment on Import og Goods
  • Understand Purchase Bad Debt Relief Adjustment
  • Checklist for GST tax submission
  • Generate GST Audit File (GAF)

Who should attend:

GM, CEOs & CFOs, Entrepreneurs, Accountants, Finance Managers, Production Managers, Accounting Staff, Business & Marketing Managers, Tax Managers and all those who are involved in GST implementation.

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