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Date: 25th Jan 2016                     By: Monica

Warmest Greetings from Comfori Sdn Bhd,Malaysia!

We, the Comforian team are delighted to successfully carried out our conference: 3rd Annual Elite Secretarial & Administrative Conference 2015 which was  held in The Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur on 2nd – 3rd Dec 2015. This conference aims specially designed to cater your corporate needs and enhancing powerful communication, negotiation, influencing and leadership skills.

The conference relates about the Secretarial and Administrative job is without a doubt one of the most important job in the office. In this fast improving and developing world, every sector and industries are competing among themselves to be the best. In this never ending race towards becoming the best, secretary and personal assistant plays a very big and important role. The conference also creates a platform for personal assistants, secretaries, private/confidential secretaries, admin supervisors and office managers in finding business opportunities and establishing effective trading relation. Hence, we believe the conference would be the perfect channel for your company to showcase your product and services to our clients.

The wonderful sponsors of this conference were Mayfair, Cellnique, Emma Lizs, Shakura Pigmentation, Clarins, Radiusite, Jac & Ivy Nail Spa and Serene Asthetics! The sponsors was so supporting and active to be a part of our conference with providing vouchers and merchandises. There are some who sponsored sample trial pack and redemption gift vouchers from the respective outlets. Especially, the delegates were pleasure to see the exhibitor of Naelofar Hijab stockist putting up with variety of shawls and “tudungs” to be purchased. Our delegates were excited and happy receiving this merchandises and gifts from our dearest sponsors which made the conference more lively and entertained.

The entire conference turned out well with sponsors and exhibitors on as well as the well talented speakers of the days. The delegates were glad and had well time being exposed by our speakers. Besides that, the sponsorship gifts made them more interesting as it was more to feminine. We are proud and looking forward more active sponsors to encourage more conference as successful event in the future. We, Comforian would say a bunch of thanks to our sponsors and delegates who attended this 3rd Annual Elite Secretarial & Administrative Conference 2015!

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