Logistic Training on May 2017 - Confirm Course

  • Define the strategic role of the purchasing department.
  • Perform accurate supplier evaluation.
  • Identify the importance of value analysis to purchasing.
  • Evaluate the performance of the department using proper Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Improve the efficiency of the purchasing function
Who should attend:-

Senior buyers, purchasing supervisors, purchasing managers and other managers who need to understand purchasing management.

The Modules:-

Module 1: The role of logistics in the economy and organization
Module 2: The Strategies Function of Purchasing
Module 3: Supplier Evaluation
Module 4: Managing and Evaluating the Department Performance
Module 5: Improving Purchasing Efficiency
Module 6: Understanding Negotiation
Module 7: About Mutual Gain
Module 8: Dealing with Difficult Issues

  • Enable participants to understand from the outset warehouse operations and management
  • Enable the participants to know the basic principles of warehousing
  • Enable participants to identify the various types of warehousing and material handling methods
Who should attend:-
  • Warehouse executives and supervisors
  • Logistics Executives and supervisors
  • Manufacturing Industries Executives and supervisors
  • Store keepers
  • Stock or inventory controllers
  • All those who handle the daily operations of thestores and warehouses
The modules:-
Module 1: Introduction to Warehouse Management
Module 2: Roles of a Warehouse Manager
Module 3: Warehouse Organisation and Administration
Module 4: Warehousing Activities
Module 5: Warehouse Functions
Module 6: Importance of Warehouse Building
Module 7: Physical Aspects and Layout of Warehouses
Module 8: Basic Warehousing Activities and Procedures
Module 9: Material Handling
Module 10: Stock Taking
Module 11: Stock Control Methods
Module 12: Warehouse Safety and Security
Module 13: Stock Record System
Module 14: Stock Obsolescence and Redundancy Stock Control System
Module 15: Common Warehousing Problems
Module 16: Warehouse Performance Metrics



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