What is the smartest ways to get your money and at the same time to maintain the relationship with your clients?

Collection of overdue accounts is a very common problem for business, especially in bad times. To deal with this problem effectively while maintaining relationships with the customers at the same time need special communication skills. Selection of the right methods of collection make the collection more effective and positive. Debt collectors should be aware of the negative results not only bring cash flow problems to the company but at the same time cannot have hostile relations with the customers. In all debt collections, tight monitoring and effective reminder systems are keys to successful recovery.

Collection communication is very important in debt collection. An effective collection communication is required to achieve the collection goals and at the same time maintaining a warm relationship with the customers.

Benefits attending this program:-
  • Should have acquire the skills and confidence to select the appropriate methods and implement collection strategies in the right situation.
  • Recognise and effectively manage the customer’s avoidance of the debt recovery.
  • Customise and construct an effective collection procedure.
  • Able to communicate effectively with debtors
  • Raise ability to achieve company’s objectives

Collection Staff and Sales Staff

Modules be covered on this program:-
  1. Understanding the importance of debt collection and how to create win-win situation between the collector and the debtor
  2. Debt collector - understand his/her roles and responsibilities by change their mindset to be the positive ones
  3. Recognize method for collection of debts either by phone, meeting with debtor, using third parties (collection agency) or legal action
  4. Understanding the process of debt collection based on 3 things - Timing, Methods & Scripts
  5. Learn on using phone to collect the debts effectively
  6. How to investigate, classify and qualify problem accounts

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