Mentoring And Coaching Intelligence -Improve Behaviour and Perfomance : Grab Now ( 15 & 16 August 2016 )


Mentoring and coaching are two personal development methods that nurture a person’s own abilities in order to improve behaviour and performance. They are processes that enable both individual and organisation to achieve their full potential.
Mentoring and coaching are popular capacity-building tools, especially in the area of leadership development. They are often mentioned in proposals and reviews as key elements of good capacity-building practice. Yet despite their current status, many are unclear what mentoring and coaching really involves and where and when they work. Mentoring is a critical component in transferring knowledge between individuals and within organisations as well as developing relationships within a supportive organisational culture. At the core of mentoring is the ability to create awareness and understanding of others. Coaching draws out the skills, resources and creativity that already exist within you to overcome your most difficult professional challenges.
Though the processes of mentoring and coaching are somewhat similar, there are subtle but significant differences in aim, emphasis and style. Mentoring tends to be viewed as an open-ended personal development; whereas coaching is viewed as task-oriented, skills-focused, directed and time-bound. The reality is that there is considerable convergence and overlap between these approaches.
To get the best out of mentoring and coaching be equipped with techniques to generate personal change and bring out the best in peers,subordinates or clients. Learn the secrets on how to quickly gaining the willing cooperation of team members through mentoring and coaching skills and ensure sustainable change in mental models and actions to reach peak performance.

Participants will emerge from the workshop having the knowledge and skills to become effective mentors and coaches. Also, they will know how to use the tools and techniques to drive staff motivators, ownership, productivity and effectiveness in their workplaces.

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