A woman is like a tea bag : Grab Now !!!

A tea lady is a woman in an office or working environment, whose sole job is to provide beverages (chiefly traditionally tea, but other beverages including coffee and hot chocolate, now more common) and light snacks during the allocated tea break. Tea ladies are a mainly British custom. They entered the mainstream in the UK during the Second World War, when tea ladies were used in an experiment to boost efficiency in workplaces for the war effort. They had such a hugely positive effect on morale they became commonplace in all areas of work, mobile canteens even serving military units on exercises. They were present in a works canteen or perhaps came round with a trolley, on which was usually a tea urn full of either hot tea or hot water, and perhaps a selection of cakes and buns.

We at Comfori Sdn Bhd have a new course for tea lady. Hereby, we would like to announce that we provide training for "Etika Protokol Untuk Tea Lady". Below are the details for our workshop : 
  • Improve the management skills of the workplace
  • Foster a sense of responsibility in the workplace
  • Increase attention to detail
  • Highlight the importance of all aspects of hygiene in the workplace
  • Improve confidence and efficiency and meet representatives of their duties

Click the title to find out more on our training - Etika Protokol Untuk Tea Lady
Any enquiries, kindly contact our Consultant, Aishah Musa @ 017-2127236 (Whatsapp Available) or email aishah.musa@comfori.com

Please view our website to get the full training calendar : TRAINING CALENDAR 2016



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