Counting Down : 58 Years,Merdeka Day… 31st August 2015

Counting Down : Merdeka Day, 58 Years… 31st Aug 2015

31 August 1957 marks the day that the Federation of Malaya gained its independence from British colonization, forming what we know of today as Malaysia. Hence, 31 August is a National Public Holiday to commemorate and celebrate the freedom and independence gained.
This day is also known as Hari Merdeka in the Malay language and that is why the celebration of Independence Day is incomplete without the seven shouts of “Merdeka!”. This gesture was initiated by the First Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman back in 1957 at Dataran Merdeka.

                                     First Prime Minister of Malaysia : Tunku Abdul Rahman

                                                  Merdeka ! Merdeka ! Merdeka !



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