SBL-Khas Program for 2019 - Check it out!

The SBL-Khas scheme is mainly to assist employers who are facing cash flow problems to continue with their retraining and skills upgrading of their workforce by using existing levy balances. Under this scheme, employers need not pay training fees to training provider. PSMB will directly debit from the levy accounts of employers to pay the training fees incurred to training providers with the authorisation of the employers concerned. Training programmes that are eligible to be offered under this scheme are public and in-house programmes conducted by training providers who are registered with PSMB. Training grant applications submitted by employers for programmes that are not registered or conducted by training providers not registered under this scheme will be rejected.

SBL-Khas Public Workshop for 2019:-

1) Successful Project Management (7&8 Jan 2019)
2) Finance For Non-Finance Professionals (7&8 Jan 2018)
3) Best Practices in Procurement Management (7&8 Jan 2018)
4) Electrical Safety (13&14 Mar 2018)
5) Speaking and Writing Good English For Administration (12&13 Jun 2018)

p/s: for program under SBL-Khas, you can do as in-house training

Eligibility Requirements For Employers
All registered employers with HRDF and has paid the levy for the first month of registration is liable to apply for the training grant, subjected to the existing rate of financial assistance and terms and conditions.

HRDF – How to Apply

Application Procedures: 

Login to HRDF Portal and Launch eTRiS
Click on ‘Application
Select from menu ‘Grant’ >’Apply Grant
Select SBL from menu ‘Scheme Code’ > ‘Apply
Then fill up the form accordingly.
For detailed instructions kindly download User Guide (External) and go to Section 6 Grant Application with Scheme Code: SBL

HRDF – How to claim

Training Grant Claims

Training Grant claims will be paid upon submission of the claim form by the employers after the completion of the training programme. It should be submitted by using the online claim form of which can be obtained from HRDF officers or the website. To avoid any delays in processing claims, employers should ensure that the form is complete and correct. Relevant receipts must also be included. All copies of receipts or supporting documents must be certified by the employer.

Login to HRDF Portal and launch eTRiS.
Click on ‘Application’ icon
Select from menu, click on ‘Claim’.
Choose either you want to ‘Submit Claims with Grants’ or ‘Submit Other Claims’.
Please fill in the online form together with the supporting document, then click on ‘Submit’ button.
Click here to start claim.

The claim form must be signed by an authorized officer from the employer’s side or any officer holding the post as specified in the claim form. Claims must be submitted upon completion of training and all costs have been paid. The claim form must be submitted no later than June 30 the next year.

Payment will not be made if the trainees did not attend the full training programme. A trainee is deemed to have completed the training programme if he had followed at least 75% of them and takes all the examinations / tests, if needed.

Cheque or credit statement (E-disbursement) will be posted to employers. The statement for each calculation/payment will be given as well for reference.



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