COMMUNICATE effectively to be a BETTER Leader

Communication is the key to life and communication skills are especially critical for leaders of industry, organizations and business. Without effective communication, the important aspects of the chain of command will be lost.

Being a good leader means communicating effectively with each member of the team, not only as a group, but individually.

It is not enough to make basic assumptions when speaking, but it is necessary to communicate with others in the same way they view the world. Not everyone has the same concept of the words accuracy, urgency, necessity and quantity as you and explaining in terms relatable to everyone is beneficial to all.

In fact, the meaning of each word varies quite differently from person to person. This is not to say each person should receive an individual communication from you, but it does mean using clear and concise language to make your message understood.

The ability to communicate effectively is directly proportional to productivity, revenue and the positive impact on the share price, as well as an impact on you.

Ineffective communication could result in your loss of credibility, damaged reputation and loss of position or employment all together.

Always improving communication and polishing those skills bring you a better sense of self confidence, greater respect and a vessel of trust.

The most effective communicators always seek feedback from others and strengthen the areas of weakness. Communication skills training programs are a helpful vehicle to identify communication weakness and areas where effective communication may be non-existent.

Those in a leadership role are looked up to for inspiration. The leaders are typically the go getters, the first to volunteer and ones that make sure all points are, and details are in order.

Communication with precision includes speaking and writing effectively, but also listening and comprehending information offered by others. Listening to others not only means hearing the words, but listening to the pace, emotion, tone and inflection that accompanies those words.

Not jumping to conclusions before the speaker is finished speaking will allow you to assess the situation completely, and then begin to formulate a response that will be complete and encompass all the speakers thoughts and concerns.

This sends the message to the speaker that what they have to say is valuable, and you are interested. This puts you in a better position to relate with others, promote cooperation and enthusiasm and increase productivity.

Positive connections with others mean speaking or writing in a clear and concise manner that is logical and understandable and easy for others to comprehend.

For those that may not grasp the understanding of the subject at hand will be better equipped to ask for clarification and in effect elicit two way conversation, which is what effective communication is all about.

Being a good leader means being able to communicate with others at all times. Communication skills are always up for improvement, and being able to convey your thoughts and understand others will give your leadership skills and you respect.

Communication skill improvement will take place with every interaction no matter if it is the workplace, or everyday life and communication becomes easier with every encounter.



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