The Recipe to Success in Safety & Health

The Recipe to Success in Safety & Health 

Above is the example of cases that been face by company in Malaysia if they don’t prioritize the important of safety and health awareness in the working environment. This is the accident that needs to be avoid by most company. This accident will cause the company a lot of money to pay for their recovery.

This is the list of a reason why this kind of accident happened : 

1.  Lack of expertise in the company to handle equipment or machine.
2.  Lack of safety awareness.
3.  The structure of the factory did not follow the safety rule.
4.  Employee didn’t follow the safety and health rules.
5.  Equipment for safety and health is not been provide by the company
The Solution to the problem :-
1.  Find expertise to handle or train other employee in handling the equipment or machine.
2.  Increase the awareness on safety and health in the working environment.
3.  Invest money for employee to go for safety and health training to increase their knowledge.

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