How the training program will help the small medium enterprise (SME’s) to increase their performance.

Today many company facing a lot of problem because of the global economy that going down. Most company has to cut down the budget and also resulting the company to cut down of employee. That is why the government helping the small medium enterprise to compete with out big company by implement human resources development fund. With this fund, the small medium enterprise can send their staff to attend training program to add new skills or to improve their current skills. Most company is not aware of this fund where mostly company will contributes to this fund through government collection with them. This is because the top management is not aware of the benefit of their employee going for the training.

The benefits that they will gain by going to training courses firstly, the investment that company have spend on employee training programmed will result to the increasing of performance and sales from the employee. Good result from the employee also give a good news to company where the can keep on competing with other businesses. Secondly, training programmed will help to increase the production levels in the company that result to the increasing of profit. Most SME’s have a slow production levels because of the size of the business that they have. This is a reason why SME’s company needs to invest into employee training programmed. Lastly, employee training programmed will help the SME’s to achieve company goals and definitely bring good outcomes to them.

Therefore, SME’s need to aware and understand the benefit that they will gain by investing in employee training programmed. Most company feels the expenses to go for training is expensive but they don’t realize the tangible outcome that they will from the investment. It is important for the top management and Human Resource Development to have a system to identify who and what kind of training that can improve the employee quality of work. It is suggested that, the company and the government need work together closely to create awareness to the SME’s that investing into employee training programmed will give benefits to the company and to the country. Implementing a new system that identify also important to identify the problem that employee have and relate with training that relevant to companies need.  The investment might look costly but in return, it will have huge impact to the SME’s in a good ways.