How To Develop Personality

Here is some steps :-

1)Be an early riser.
Wake up early in the morning. Waking up before the sun rise is good for the health, but make sure to sleep reasonably early the night before, as being tired in the morning makes the whole day feel longer.

2)Take a morning walk and try yoga or jogging. 
Enjoy the nature around you while jogging or walking, as it can make you feel more peaceful and energetic. Having time to yourself can help you figure, develop, and think about your personality. It also gives you time to relax.

3)Enjoy your workout! 
If jogging and walking is not your workout then try something else, but make sure you enjoy it! Finding out what you enjoy and what you are good at can help you develop as a person.

4)Smile and try to make others smile too. 
This will create an environment of positivity, and others will warm to you if you don't frown as often!

5)Plan your future and finance.
 This will help in future betterment. Not having to worry as much about the future can help you enjoy the present, and you'll be a happier, less stressed person because of it.

6)Concentrate on your future goals.
 Just planning won't work. Put effort in achieving your dreams, aspirations and goals, and eventually you'll get there.

7)Don't be afraid of hard work! 
Other people will respect and like you more if you work to earn what you have, and you'll feel prouder of yourself when you reach the goals that you've worked for them.

8)Respect and show people some love. 
This will build up your confidence, and people will share the same feelings toward you.

9)Take care of your appearance. 
Regular cleansing and good hygiene is a must for a positive and optimistic personality

10)Carry a diary wherever you can. 
Jot down every valuable thought you have, and reflect back on them later. This will help you understand how you work as a person, what your values are and what you care about, as well as learning to be organized!



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